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Explore emerging trends in research data.

arXlive is an open source platform for live monitoring of innovation activity in arXiv pre-prints, which are predominantly physical, computational and quantitative research disciplines. Underpinning arXlive is a data analysis and production system, which orchestrates a stable pipeline of data collection, enrichment and machine learning.

arXiv: a window on innovation.

arXiv is full of ground-breaking research, from the first report on the discovery of graphene, to seminal advances in AI research and the discovery of new building blocks of matter.

Hyperspecialist fields are hard to navigate.

Broad contextually relevant searches are hard to formulate, often requiring complex 'advanced' searches and expert-driven lists of keywords. arXlive's arXlive Search search engine helps you see what you're missing by explicitly performing contextual searches, so that you don't get stuck searching for rare gems; whilst the Keyword Factory allows you to expand your technical vocabulary for making more expansive searches.

arXlive tools

arXlive Search: search for novel activity in arXiv articles, such as:

Keyword Factory: expand your technical vocabulary, for example relating to:

arXlive papers

In recent decades it has become the norm for entirely new industries to arise in just a few years. Traditional means of monitoring industrial and academic activity are relatively slow, and this leads to laggy policy decisions - which means that the full benefits of these industries will not be distributed evenly. As our team continue to publish academic outputs using arXiv data we will integrate these into arXlive.

Deep learning, deep change

In the pipeline: Gender Diversity in AI (details)

Open source

All of our code is open source, and we only use open source data in the arXlive platform. Check out our GitHub repo to understand (or even contribute) the inner workings of arXlive. In addition to arXiv data, we also use open data from GRID, Microsoft Academic Graph and DataHub.


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